The first cohort to complete this program identified eight categories of challenges and opportunities that the program helped them address. These eight are:

  • Turmoil, turnover, organizational change and the constant 'whitewater' environment

  • Increasing enrollment and expansion/focus of program options

  • Alignment of their program with the four Pillars of Manufacturing Knowledge

  • Industry connections and partnerships

  • Program naming and regional variations

  • Strategies to achieve their vision

  • Creation and availability of mentor support

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Sinclair Community College, IVY Tech Community College Northwest, Purdue University Calumet offers this NSF-ATE program to assist instructional leaders to develop strategies and execution plans to revitalize your engineering technology program, revise curricula to be in alignment with the latest developments in manufacturing content and pedagogy support to provide greater value to students, revise curricula and attract more students.

To accomplish this goal, the program provides leadership development of faculty and administrators to address the many challenges in creating change.

Project activities include:

As faculty and administrators who have created already excellent programs, you will be primed and motivated to take advantage of the latest thinking on taking your program to the next level, and will recognize the opportunity in learning more about your own learning styles and leadership abilities that will help you increase your personal effectiveness, accomplishments and satisfaction.

Cohort 1 participants of the Leadership Capacity Building program said this about their experience:

“The strengths assessment was a great tool to evaluate myself and my relationships to others.”

“The group exercises/discussions on programmatic themes and how they relate to leadership sharing best practices was very valuable.”