Additional resources that compliment the project materials

Leadership for Engineers: The Magic of Mindset

This book identifies common myths about leadership in technical fields and then helps you identify your own leadership capacity in the face of false assumptions. Leadership for Engineers includes four chapters comprised of testimonies from emerging leaders, as well as reflection questions at the end of each chapter. This book will be provided to Cohort 2 members

The Four Pillars

The Four Pillars of Manufacturing Engineering concept has obvious applications to the design and delivery of baccalaureate degree programs in manufacturing engineering and manufacturing engineering technology. Program faculty members, program coordinators, and department chairs can refer to the Four Pillars document as they design curricula and individual courses to ensure that graduates are properly prepared in breadth and depth of the multiple aspects of the field. They can explore the interconnections among topics to ensure a coherent flow of learning experiences for students. Graduates from manufacturing-named programs can use the Four Pillars to communicate to prospective employers the comprehensive nature of their academic preparation for performing at a high level within the manufacturing functions of companies producing a wide array of products.

The Leadership Capacity Building program includes content from the recent ASEE "Innovation with Impact" recommendations for changing the way we teach, and from "The Innovative University" on new ways of viewing the measurement of success. It also includes the latest developments in content from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers through its Center for Education, including recommendations of white papers for "Workforce Imperative: A Manufacturing Education Strategy" and the "Four Pillars of Manufacturing Knowledge".