The first cohort to complete this program identified eight categories of challenges and opportunities that the program helped them address. These eight are:

  • Turmoil, turnover, organizational change and the constant 'whitewater' environment

  • Increasing enrollment and expansion/focus of program options

  • Alignment of their program with the four Pillars of Manufacturing Knowledge

  • Industry connections and partnerships

  • Program naming and regional variations

  • Strategies to achieve their vision

  • Creation and availability of mentor support

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Webinar One

If you weren't able to attend the first project informational webinar on September 12th, be sure to watch the captured event to learn more about the Leadership Capacity Building project and how you can participate. At the end of the webinar, a survey link is displayed so that if interested to participate, provide preliminary information about your program to get started with Cohort 2 registration. The October 10th webinar is the next opportunity to learn how to get involved.